At Bright Health, we are delivering the future of integrated healthcare by deploying a unique approach built on alignment, focused on the consumer, and powered by technology.


Built on Alignment

Bright Health has created a new alignment model built upon three core principles:

Clinical Alignment

We believe that alignment in healthcare starts with those responsible for delivering care locally. As each of our Care Partners has a unique set of clinical tools and capabilities to manage population health risk, our adaptable model meets Care Partners “where they are” and lends necessary support to enhance outcomes for consumers.

Financial Alignment

We have developed value-based payment structures that enable us to take a staged approach to financial alignment with our Care Partners. We carefully consider each Care Partner’s ability and interest to take varying levels of population health risk. We work collaboratively with our Care Partners to determine the best alignment model for each local market and individual organization.

Data and Technology Alignment

Our clinical and financial alignment with our Care Partners incentivizes platform interoperability in deeper ways than traditional partnerships allow, providing us access to disparate data which serves as the foundation for our Bright Health Intelligent Operating System (BiOS). BiOS is comprised of a suite of solutions supporting consumer engagement and clinical decision-making, seamlessly embedded into existing workflows.


Focused on the Consumer

Our approach to healthcare is centered around the belief that there is a shift underway from broad, employer-driven, one-size-fits-all offerings to a model built on individual choice and consumer empowerment. We are intimately familiar with the consumer challenges in U.S. healthcare. This has driven us to implement a novel approach that focuses on making healthcare simple, personal, and affordable. Bright Health provides the answers to the questions we believe matter most for healthcare consumers:


Am I able to connect with my physician and care team when and how I want?

At Bright Health, we connect you to your Personalized Care Team on your terms and help you choose the benefits, care setting, and follow-up options that best support your individual needs and preferences. We make healthcare simple.


Do you know me, and do you understand my healthcare needs?

At Bright Health, we know you. We interact with you in your accustomed language, through your preferred channel, and can anticipate your needs. We ensure that your comprehensive healthcare information is made available to your Personalized Care Team, equipping them with the data they need to serve your individualized healthcare needs. We make healthcare personal.


Do I have access to affordable healthcare without sacrificing quality?

At Bright Health, we know that healthcare costs are a burden and consumers often feel that they do not receive value for their healthcare dollar. We deliver low cost, high-quality healthcare in every market we serve. We make healthcare affordable.


Powered by Technology

Bright Health’s aligned and consumer-focused model gives us a unique vantage point from which to transform the way technology can effect meaningful change in healthcare.

Bright Health has developed a differentiated consumer-centric healthcare platform, BiOS. BiOS includes our proprietary intelligent data warehouse, Consumer360, and DocSquad™, our suite of proprietary consumer and care provider solutions. We ensure information is available when and where it is needed, whether through interactions with Bright Health directly or through embedded experiences with our Care Partners. BiOS is designed to make healthcare simple, personal, and convenient.